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1) Introductory provision

These are the terms and conditions applicable to the purchase in the online store Online store is operated by Aires ltd., Hořanská cesta 703, 43401 Most. These conditions specify and clarify the rights and obligations of the seller (operator of the trade) and the buyer (customer).

2) Order and purchase contract

1. All orders placed through the online store are obligatory for both parties, unless the contract stated otherwise. By placing an order the buyer confirms that he is familiar with these terms and conditions, including return conditions and complaints policy and agrees with them.
2. The order is a proposal of purchase agreement. The purchase contract comes into being upon receipt of ordered goods by the buyer.
3. A condition of the electronic order is to fill-in all the required data and information.
4. Place of the delivery is the delivery address specified by the buyer in the order form.
5. Ownership to the items passes to the buyer immediately after the payment of the purchase price. Tax document is included.
6. All items are property of the company Aires, ltd. until full payment. The seller reserves the right to refuse execution of the order if the ordering information is incomplete, or raise doubts about the real intention of the customer to order goods., The seller sends an e-mail about this refusal to customer

3) Delivery of goods

Orders created for the customer are obligatory for the customer and the seller and will be carried out according to the purchaser's choice.

4) Withdrawal from the contract (return policy)

The buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of items under paragraph 6 of Civil Code N.367 / 2000. If buyer chooses this possibility, he must return undamaged goods, with no signs of use or wear, in original packaging back within the deadline (the date of dispatch is critical). After receiving items back and scan, if these are not damaged, the seller will return to customer appropriate amount by previously agreed manner. Shipping is not refundable.

5) Complaints Procedure

In the case of finding a damage of the packaging of goods, we recommend not to accept the shipment in customer´s own interest! We recommend to fill the protocol of damaged shipment with representative of delivery company and contact us immediately. By signing the delivery note customer confirms that the shipment was in order therefore later claims about damaged packaging will not be accepted.
The warranty period for the purchase of products by a private person is 24 months.
The warranty period runs from the date of invoice. The warranty covers only manufacturing defects, does not apply to defects caused by the user or normal wear and tear. Claimed product must be sent for review. Its outcome (decisive for the recognition of the claim) the seller will send to the customer.
Complaints are handled at the address listed on the contact page. The customer must enclose a copy of the invoice and claim protocol of the claimed goods.
The transport costs to the place of seller is paid by the customer even in case of a legitimate complaint. In the case of a justified claim, we deliver the repaired or new goods at our own expense.
The buyer has the right under paragraph 6 of Civil Code N.367 / 2000 to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of goods.
Money Back Guarantee applies to goods intact in its original packaging, so that it can be offered to other clients. After receiving the returned goods your money for goods (excluding postage) will be sent by bank transfer to your account no later than 10 working days after receipt of goods.

6) Privacy

The seller declares that all information of a personal nature (name, phone number, e-mail and address) are confidential and will be used only for internal purposes of the company Aires ltd. and will not be made public or disclosed to a third party or otherwise misused. When dealing with personal data Aires ltd. agrees to abide by the act No.101 / 2000 coll. on privacy.

7) Dispute Resolution

Disputes between the seller and the buyer are solved by the general courts.
The buyer, who is a consumer, has under act no. 634/1992 coll., On Consumer Protection, as amended, the right to extra-judicial resolution of consumer dispute from purchase contract or contract for services. The body, that is authorized to carry out extra-judicial resolution of the dispute, is the Czech Trade Inspection. More information is available on the website
Extra-judicial resolution of consumer disputes is initiated solely by the consumer´s proposal, not only in the event that the dispute could not be resolved directly with the seller. Petition can be filed within 1 year of the date on which the consumer has enforced his right, which is in dispute, with the seller for the first time.
The consumer has the right to initiate the extra-judicial resolution online via the ODR platform available on the website
Oversees compliance with obligations under the Act no. 634/1992 coll., On Consumer Protection, as amended, is performed by the Czech Trade Inspection (

Final Provisions

1. These terms and conditions apply as stated on the website of the seller at the date of sending of the electronic order from buyer.
2. By dispatching of electronic order the buyer accepts all provisions of the terms and conditions in force at the date the order is sent, and on the day of sending the order, valid price of ordered goods, including shipping or postage stated in the order form online store , unless in a particular case clearly states otherwise. The buyer is irrevocably bound by sent order.
3. Participants agreed explicitly within the meaning of the provisions. § 262 paragraph 1 of the Commercial Code, that unless the conditions expressly stated otherwise, their rights and obligations of the Commercial Code, in particular its provisions § 409 and following.
In case of doubt, please contact us, we will help with clearing up.